Melyssa Moniz is a Transformational Sales and Branding Coach for entrepreneurs, sales and leadership professionals and service-based business owners.  She is a dynamic powerhouse with the world’s highest calibre of Coaching Certifications in NLP and Hypnosis mixed with 13 years of entrepreneurial success, human resources developmental and managerial experience.

She offers her clients a colorful perspective and a deep understanding of their personal and business issues. This varied experience offers creative and customized learning experiences built for the unique needs of each client.  Expect powerful and breakthrough results in critical areas of life and business, such as relationships, personal excellence, sales, marketing and strategic planning.

Melyssa’s clients have come to expect both a clear plan and surprising flexibility, enhanced by a professional, approachable, and friendly style. Clients also expect a partnership for success, where they walk away from the project empowered and independently better equipped as influential leaders and successful business owners.

Melyssa Moniz is a serial entrepreneur, a Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coach, Master Hypnosis Coach and a certified Sales and Marketing Consultant.