Live Your Passion Home Inspiration Bundle

Are you tired of wrestling with doubt and confusion about whether or not you have what it takes to actually LIVE your passion and take your personal success to the next level?

I’ve designed this program specifically for the woman who desires to be:

  • Passionate and invigorated with a clear sense of purpose and direction
  • Authentically motivated by personal clarity as she empowers herself with infectious inspiration
  • Equipped to create a successful life based on her own terms
  • Guided through a simple and effective plan from the comfort of her own home

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Live Your Passion Home Inspiration Bundle


  • Live Your Passion E-Book
  • Access to 10 E-Coaching Style Video Modules
  • Module Intro: Live your Passion Introduction  
  • Module 1: What is Passion
  • Module 2: Who do you think you are
  • Module 3: What Turns You On
  • Module 4: What’s in Your Rule Book
  • Module 5: What’s Love got to Do with It
  • Module 6: What is Your Personal Philosophy
  • Module 7: How will you Spend your Time
  • Module 8: WIll you Live your Passion
  • Bonus Module: What’s the Purpose
  • Bonus Module: You are What you Eat
  • Bonus Module: Shake it up for Your Success
  • Bonus Module: Enrich Experiences
  • Bonus Module: Cool Calm and Clarity